The Group

Sunbridge Group Limited
Sunbridge Group Limited (ACN 163 886 020) is a leading retailer of menswear in the People's Republic of China. The Group owns and operates the “PANDIST 邦迪.斯顿” and “AGUESEADAN 亚阁.仕丹” brands of menswear, which are targeted at different age group segments of well-groomed upper middle class gentleman. The Group’s products are currently sold in over 400 retail outlets across the PRC.

Product Catalogue

Pandist Fall Catalogue 2018/2019

Pandist Fall Catalogue 2014

Agueseadan Fall Catalogue 2014

Core Values

We strive to provide high quality and reasonably priced fashion wear to all of our customers. We have a comprehensive quality management system to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.
We emphasize our responsibility in providing good services to our customers. With our flexible management mechanism and advanced material management system, we are able to effectively combine production and customer requirements to serve our customers better.
With rapidly growing consumer demands and ever changing market trends, a large and bureaucratic organization will not be able to respond or adapt quick enough. We strongly value our efficiency. With fast decision making and precise execution, we remain competitive.
Our key goal is to strive to provide customers with the highest standard of service and retain their loyalty and satisfaction. We spare no expense in hiring the best talents and to equip them with professional training so that they are equipped to provide the best service to the customers.