Mr. Xu, Jia Yin (许加吟)
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Xu Jia Yin, aged 46, is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Mr. Xu, a Philippines citizen, founded the Group’s operations in 1996 and he is responsible for formulating the overall operation direction, strategic planning, business development and corporate management of the Group, including devising the annual plan and financial budget of the Group.

He completed an Executive Masters of Business Administration program for management executives organised by Huaqiao University Management School (华侨大学工商管理学院) in 2012. He was elected as a council member in the Jinjiang City Returning Overseas Chinese Association (晋江市归国华侨联会) in 2007 and also as a committee member in the 12th PRC Political Administration and Trade Committee – Jinjiang City (中国人民政治协商会议第十二届晋江市委员) in 2011. Mr. Xu also received several individual accolades throughout his career including being named as “Jinjiang City Outstanding Young Entrepreneur” (晋江市优秀青年企业家) in 2007, “Achievement for Pioneering Two Enterprises in Quanzhou City” (泉州青年五四奖章—‘二次创业’人物) in 2012 and in 2013 as the manager of “2013 Top 10 Influential China Fashion Enterprise” (2013年服装十家影响力企业).

Mr. Xu has over 25 years of sales, manufacturing and management experience in the fashion retail industry in the PRC. Before starting the Group’s operations in 1996, Mr. Xu set up Jinjiang Longhu Shaohui Xingshun Garment Factory (晋江市龙湖烧灰兴顺服装厂),where he was in the business of manufacturing and selling fashion apparel under the “Heng Jia Si” brand.