Mr. Ye, Lin Mao (叶林茂)
Administrative Manager and Personal Assistant to Managing Director

Mr. Ye Lin Mao, aged 37, is the Administrative Manager and Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of the Group. Mr. Ye, a Chinese citizen, joined the Group in 2009. He is in-charge of all administrative and all regulatory matters of the Group, including registration of trademarks, legal matters, all regulatory reporting, inspections and audits, staff training and welfare. Mr. Ye graduated from Fujian Normal University (福建师范大学) and has more than 15 years of relevant experience. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Lin was the General Manager’s Assistant in Fujian Qipai Group Co., Ltd. (福建柒牌集团有限公司), a fashion retail company, where he was in-charge of the Group’s initial public offering preparation work. Mr. Ye also received several individual accolades including being recognized as a “Quanzhou Top Talent from Other Cities” (泉州市优秀外来引进人才) in 2002 and for his “Outstanding Individual Contributions towards Cultural and Social Development in Jinjiang City” (晋江精神文明建设优秀个人) in 2007.